Criminal Justice R.E.F.O.R.M.

Myers/Lawson Criminal Justice R.E.F.O.R.M.

Recent police-involved killings and public outcry have made it clear that our systems of policing and criminal justice need to be transformed. We must rethink how law enforcement officers serve their fellow citizens, how we measure and track their compliance with our laws and policies, and how we as a people hold them accountable. We must re-prioritize our resources and re-examine our policies on who we detain in our prisons and jails, and for how long.

Our criminal justice system disproportionately affects people of color nationwide and right here in Indiana. Our Black and Brown communities are also disproportionately victims of crimes and of excessive force by law enforcement officers. Our plan will effectively and efficiently combat racial injustices that have been overlooked for far too long. We have a clear vision of how to R.E.F.O.R.M.

REPAIR CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM – Expand intervention efforts to keep people out of traditional courts and prisons
• Decriminalize mental illness and addiction while greatly expanding access to treatment services
• Grow homelessness intervention and permanent housing strategies
• End the school-to-prison pipeline with equitable and effective systematic changes for children

END POLICE BRUTALITY– Mandate new training procedures to eliminate excessive force
• Expand implicit bias, dispute resolution and de-escalation training for officers
• Ban chokeholds and other excessive force practices
• Improve police whistle blower protections and legal duty to protect citizens from excessive force

FUNDING – Re-prioritize taxpayer dollars to use holistic, inter-sectional approaches in public safety
• Put more funding in the hands of local communities to prioritize their needs
• Expand investments in low-income neighborhoods and minority-owned businesses
• Invest in best practices community-based training at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

OVERSIGHT – Establish no-tolerance accountability policies and procedures
• Establish a statewide public database for citizen complaints and officer disciplinary records
• Form an independent statewide nonpolitical criminal justice commission and oversight committee
• Require independent investigations for police misconduct, excessive force and fatalities

REBUILD OUR COMMUNITIES – Invest in sustainable community development
• End barriers to employment
• Expand affordable housing, transportation, and food access
• Invest more in public schools disproportionately serving minority and low-income students

MARIJUANA DECRIMINALIZATION – Reduce harsh punishments and life-altering collateral consequences
• Eliminate minor possession charges for past and future offenses
• Legalize medicinal marijuana

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