Hoosier Business Support Amid COVID-19 Plan

Hoosier Business Support Amid COVID-19 Plan

Amid the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, Hoosier businesses have struggled to stay afloat. As Hoosiers keep their families and communities safe, many have been forced to close both temporarily and permanently.

With the economy reopening, many Hoosier businesses are forced to choose between their economic security or their health.

With the Myers/Lawson Plan for Hoosier Business Support Amid COVID-19, this administration seeks to ease the burden of being forced to choose between the two. Instead, it lays out specific policy goals to ensure families can both sustain their businesses, and keep themselves and their employees safe.


  • Develop a Financial Assistance Tracking System to monitor where government aid goes in Indiana to ensure all Hoosier businesses have equal access to funding.

Navigating Economy Reopening

  • Form a Small Business Recovery Task Force, like Ohio’s 2020 Economic Recovery Task Force, to help get Hoosier businesses back up and running and to identify and remove legislative obstacles now in their way.
  • Delegate small business navigators to help small business owners, and in particular those in our minority communities, sort through loan and grant programs and apply for financial assistance.

Rent and Mortgage Support

  • Work with the mortgage industry to remove mortgage defaults related to COVID-19 from credit reports to ensure small businesses can continue to secure loans.
  • Supplement existing programs providing relief from tax payments and rent obligations; not just for the next three months but the next nine months.

Protecting Workers

  • Establish an incentive program to support Hoosier manufacturers producing protective medical equipment for Indiana medical professionals and first-responders, like Maryland has done.
  • Double our unemployment claim processing capacity to handle increased volume to get money into the hands of Hoosiers who need it most faster.

State Economic Support

  • Establish a state stimulus program to infuse more money into our small businesses, including those hard-hit minority-, women- veteran-, and disability-owned businesses for payroll, operational expenses, and working capital to help bail out our biggest job creators.
  • Call on Indiana’s Congressional Delegation to support legislation to provide grants for operational costs to small businesses for each month of compliance with a statewide closure of nonessential businesses.
  • Exclude small businesses, with fewer than 100 employees, from obligations to pay higher unemployment insurance premium rates for at least one year.
  • Create a robust Buy Indiana First campaign to encourage Hoosiers to buy from Indiana small businesses.
  • Create a state subsidized meals program to make meals for Hoosier home-bound seniors prepared by local restaurants and to the fullest extent possible using food grown by Hoosier farmers to support our restaurant industry, create jobs, and generate sales tax revenue for local governments, while also providing an important public service, similar to a program recently announced by California Governor Newsom.

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